What side lengths should be used to model the rectangle?A rectangle with an area of x2 - 4x - 12 square units isrepresented by the model(x + 2) and (x-6)(x+6) and (x - 2)(x + 2) and (x - 10)(x + 10) and (x - 2)-X-+X--- -- ---- -- -+X

Accepted Solution

For this case we have that by definition, the area of a rectangle is given by:[tex]A = ab[/tex]Where:a, b: They are the sides of the rectangleWe have as data that the area of the rectangle is given by:[tex]x ^ 2-4x-12[/tex]IF we factor the expression, we must find two numbers that when multiplied give as a result "-12" and when summed give as result "-4". These numbers are: -6 and +2:[tex](x-6) (x + 2)[/tex]Thus, the sides of the rectangle are given by:[tex](x-6) (x + 2)[/tex]Answer:Option A