TransformationsI need help on this worksheet please.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Question 2As far as I can see, you got it right. The general transformation for 90 ccw is (x,y) ===> (-y, x)What that means is for the x you put in -y changing the sign to the opposite and for the y you put in x and this time you leave the sign alone . The transformation is shown in the left hand diagram.The two tables are shown below.Original(1,4)(1,2)(3,2)(3,5)The transformed table is(-4,1)(-2,1)(-2,3)(-5,3)(-4,1)    This is just to let the program know to close the figure For some reason this did not have lines and if I delete it and put the lines in, I won't be able to upload the new diagram.===========FourThis one transforms from (x,y) to (-x,-y) which means where you see an x, you put a - x and where you see a y, you put a minus y. It is the middle frame.Original(-4,3)(0,3)(-2,0)(-4,3)  Here again, this is just to close the figure.The transformed figure in red I think is(4,-3)(0,-3(2,0)(4,-3) And this closes the figure as well.==========SixThe diagram is on the rightReflection about the y axis. Here the transformation is (x,y) ====> (-x,y) notice the ys don't change.(-3,0)(-5,-2)(-1,-2)There is no closure.Reflection(3,0)(5,-2)(1,-2)