Jane wants to go to her school's Prom Night. A ticket costs $120. Jane saved $30 months ago, however to earnthe remaining amount she started to work as a part time dog walker. For each hour that she walks the dog sheearns $5. Determine the inequality which can be used to find the minimum number of hours Jane must walk thedog to earn enough to pay for a prom ticket?

Accepted Solution

Answer:30 + 5d β‰₯ 120Step-by-step explanation:One ticket costs $120 and she already has $30 saved up so the money she makes by dogwalking added to the $30 has to be equal to or greater than 12030 for the amount she saved up5d where d stands for the number of days she walks dogs Make this information into one part of the inequality: 30+5dThen this has to be greater than or equal to 120 so:30+5dβ‰₯120Hope this helps!