A sports apparel company surveyed the market about the size of T-shirts people most frequently buy: small, medium, large, or extra-large. The table shows the survey results.T-Shirt Size Number of Responsessmall-11medium-37large-83extra-large-19To help its sales, the company should focus on producing size(1)_____T-shirts. Approximately(2)_____% of T-shirts the company makes should be medium and large T-shirts to match the market preference. If the total number of T-shirts sold in a month is 45,000,(3)_____of these will likely be size small.1 a.small b.medium c.large d.extra-large2 a.55.3 b.80 c.83 d.923 a.1750 b.3300 c.4950 d.14850

Accepted Solution

#1)Β  d) large
#2) b) 80
#3) b) 3300

There were more responses for large in the survey, so they should focus on large.

There were 120 medium and large shirts sold out of 150 total sold:
120/150 = 0.80 = 80%

There were 11 out of 150 shirts sold that were small:
11/150(45000) = 3300