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CRA - Rules of the Association
(Amended 7th June 2008)
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Chapter 1.

Designation, Purpose, Territorial Field of Activity.

Section 1 - Designation

With "Camposol Resident's Association" (CRA), an association is constituted according to Art. 22 1978 Spanish Constitution, and L.O.1/2000, March 22nd, of Association Rights Complementing Laws.

The legal working of this association shall be determined by these Standing Rules, it has no commercial purpose, and has Legal Personality and Capacity.

Section 2 - Territorial Field of Activity

The territorial field of activity shall be the Mazarrón area. The Association could establish collaboration with other Associations or Federations with a bigger territorial field of activity.

Section 3 - Purpose

The purposes of the Association are:
  1. To promote through proper channels of publicity and general information, the interests and support of the residents of Urbanizacion Camposol.
  2. To work to improve quality and conditions of life for residents of said Urbanizacion.
  3. To provide an environment for intellectual, cultural, scenic beauty, education, health, civic excellence and social development.
  4. To facilitate cooperation between residents, working with government agencies, or any other institution to ensure that the needs and desires of the residents are given full consideration.
  5. To establish and maintain policies in order to improve social and economic development of said area.
  6. To encourage a sense of community pride through better community relations and family participation on community issues.
  7. To promote residents' activities and those of accepted groups which have their functions in Urbanizacion Camposol.

This Association is non-political, being independent of any political party, trade union, commercial group or religious association.

Section 4 - Activities

To the achievement of said purpose, different activities may be carried out, eg: Cultural, Social, Intellectual, Civic, etc.

Section 5 - Social Address

The Social Address is established as; AP 1528,  Camposol, Mazarron, 30875 ,Murcia,Spain.

Any changes can be approved by the Committee.
The membership must be informed at General Assembly meetings. Accounts, documents and other paperwork shall be kept in a safe place designated by the Committee.

Chapter 2.


Section 1 - Membership Requirement

Membership of this Organisation must be available to any adults who own property in Urbanizacion Camposol, and who are in agreement with Association purposes and rules.
The Committee may grant Honorary Memberships at its discretion to persons who are not owners of property on Urbanizacion Camposol.

In the case of non-admittance of a person or persons as members by the Committee, a notice shall be given in writing, and they will have 10 days to claim against that resolution at Assembly, and if necessary take their claim to Ordinary Court.

Section 2 - Removal of a Membership

Membership can be rejected/withdrawn by one of the following:

  1. By written declaration/application destined to the Committee.
  2. By non-payment of Association Dues in the amount established by Assembly.
  3. By commitment of actions which are against the Association Interest with the agreement of Assembly. - The member to be informed by the Secretary and allowed 10 days to submit reasons for mediation.
  4. By non-compliance to Membership obligations.
  5. By representing the Association in purposes for which it was not intended.

Section3 - Membership Privileges and Rights

The Membership shall have the following privileges and rights:

  1. To take part and vote at Assembly.
  2. To be notified of any agreement adopted by Committee.
  3. Be entitled to vote and stand as a candidate to the Committee.
  4. To be notified of Agreements and outstanding business of the Association, the Committee and Association accounts at assembly meetings, by written reports in the Costa Calida Chronicle and Camposol Journal and by verbal report accounts, etc. at Assembly meetings.
  5. To make any suggestion to improve the Association and its' purposes.
  6. To take part in any activity that the Association shall organise.
  7. To have the right to be heard before any disciplinary action be adopted against him/her, and be informed of the facts which lead to disciplinary action being taken.
  8. To oppose any agreement adopted by Assembly or Committee that is illegal under Spanish Law and/or these standing Rules.

Section 4 - Membership Obligations

Membership's obligations are as follows:

  1. To respect, accept and observe Standing Rules and Legal Agreements adopted by the Committee or any Association's organs of government or representation.
  2. To attend Assembly meetings and take part in Association activities.
  3. To share Association purpose, and to transact the business and affairs of the Association, and to contribute to improve the good name of the Association and Urbanizacion Camposol in general.

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