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Committee Meeting Minutes 10th December 2016

Monday, December 12th, 2016


Saturday 10th December 2016, 10am – Cultural Centre, Camposol.

PRESENT: Phil Gelling (PG), Bill Pryor (BP), Silvana Buxton (SB)

  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Alison Lister, Geoffrey Buxton, Allyson Ingamells
  4. CABIN ROTA/OPENING TIMES: It was agreed to keep to the existing Cabin-opening-times and review the possibility of reducing them at the end of January 2017
  5. MEMBERS’ DATABASE UPDATE: PG reported that he and Allyson are making progress in the difficult task of tidying up the members’ database. They are now 1/3 of the way through checking details, contacting members, and recording the true state of the membership. Several members have collected their membership card from the Cabin, following this exercise. We still have a large number of members with no contact details.
  6. PG reported that he is in contact with a local Company, MW IT. He is hoping to report some progress in the New Year, and he asked the Committee to approve an initial fee of 500€ for MW IT services. Unanimously approved.
  7. MAZARRON COUNCIL: There is no update, following the situation reported in the AGM minutes, recently published. SB to prepare an ‘official’ request for information on Budget allocation.                                                                                                       (SB)
  8. SITUATION WITH JUSTO Y MANOLI: Since the CRA visit in late September, to the Administrators’ office and Mercedes, and following the deadline of 20th October for the Auction to begin, there seem to have been some movement in Camposol regarding the re-possession of some properties. The CRA is endeavouring to keep up with the Auditors’ repossession schedule.
  9. LEGAL ACTION UPDATE: Following the ‘out-of-the-blue’ request from the lawyer to provide a Power of Attorney from all claimants (Apparently this seems to be a normal process in Spanish Courts, therefore our lawyer understandably thought that we were aware of it), SB reported that she organised several meetings with the Notaire in Puerto de Mazarron, who advised that the fee would be between 15€ and 20€ per person. Consequently the following was arranged:

a)       Meeting on 3/11 – 73 claimants attended. A fee of 20€ was paid by each person

b)       Meeting on 25/11 – 25 claimants attended. A fee of 20€ was paid by each person.

c)       Several meetings for individuals who could not attend the previous two.

SB negotiated group discounts for the meetings on 3rd and 25th. The Notaire’s invoice of     692.33€ and 292.67€ respectively was less than originally quoted, which resulted in 975.00€ saving against original estimates, which was paid into the CRA’s account and was to be used for translation services of legal documents which still needed to be paid for.

A further 15 PoAs were received from the UK, making a total of 124 participating claimants. All      PoAs were delivered personally by PG and SB to our Lawyer in Molina, on Wednesday 30th November. The Lawyer will present the case in the Totana Court of First Instance, as soon as          he has completed the amendments to the report, excluding the information of 8 cases from        people who chose not to proceed. This should take place before Christmas.

  1. REGIONAL ASSEMBLY PROGRESS: SB reported that she has not yet received a reply to her email of 1/12/2016 to Alfonso Martinez Bano (Regional MP, PSOE) regarding the progress of the Regional Assembly in interviewing representatives from the Town Hall, the CHS, MASA /JyM and MT. However, following Alfonso’s previous message that the Assembly will not consider the Conclusions of his report until the above interviews have taken place, it is now highly unlikely that the CRA will be in a position to view Alfonso’s report before the New Year.
  2. TRANSPARENCY: PG reported that the CRA is endeavouring to maintain the high standards on Transparency at all times, although there may be occasions when information cannot be supplied in order to abide by the Code of Confidentiality.
  3. CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE: PG reported that this problem is becoming greater each day, and the TH is not responding to the grave concerns of the residents. Nothing seems to have been done in order to make safe the use of the road between C15 and the Golf Course where an enormous hole appeared and the road around is crumbling away. Another similar problem seems to be appearing at one end of the bridge between Sectors B and C, with part of the road beginning to crumble away, and a lamp-post already fallen through. The pot-holes on many roads in the urbanisation are getting bigger and bigger following the recent rain, and most roads are dirty with mud and large water puddles. The TH has stated that they do not have the appropriate equipment to clean the mud from the streets. PG will talk to the D Community Group to seek financial and material help in hiring some appropriate road/mud sweeping equipment.                                                                                           (PG)
  4. ARCHITECT VISIT TO CAMPOSOL: The CRA has arranged for an Architect, recommended by Murcia Transparente, to visit Camposol and prepare a basic report on visible infrastructure issues, which our lawyer will use in a formal request to the TH to make all the necessary repairs, after which, if the TH does not act upon it, legal action will commence with respect to all the Infrastructure issues on Camposol.
  5. IMPROVEMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS: The Committee agreed that urgent measures are required to solve this problem which is caused mostly by lack of organisational manpower. The CRA is working towards improving this, by returning to using the free monthly magazines, by making better use of the CRA Notice board outside Consum, by making the website/forum more user friendly, and it invites all members to make suggestions on how to resolve this big problem.
  6. AOB: PG reported that he has not yet been able to address the issue regarding Greg Green’s offer to take notes at CRA meetings. He will do this before the next meeting, and report accordingly.                                                                                                                       (PG)

SB thanked the Committee for approving her request for payment regarding the full translation of the Ombudsman report and the TH reply. This consisted of 15435 words, but SB charged for 11500 words @ 8€x100 words, making a total of 920.00€. SB’s services were used as on previous occasions we had put translation requests out to tender and SB offered the cheapest service in a timelier manner.

  1. DATE OF NEXT COMMITTEE METING: Saturday 14th January 2017



Committee Meeting 15/08/2016

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

MINUTES OF CRA COMMITTEE MEETING –  15/8/16 at C/lecrin, 7, Camposol

Present:               Chairman: Phil Gelling (PG)

Dep Chairman/acting-treasurer: Silvana Buxton (SB)

Secretary: Bill Pryor (BP)

Committee members:  Alison Lister (AL), Geoff Buxton (GB)

Associate:  Paul Drury (PD)

1. No Apologies

PG asked the Committee where they felt the CRA was, at this present time. Unanimous response: cautiously optimistic.

2. Minutes of last meeting: EGM 16/6/16 – Agreed.

3. SB confirmed the CRA’s total balance of €16,875.85 in credit. A full set of accounts will be presented at the AGM. Accountant Pedro Martinez Vera of Asesoría El Pilar will audit the accounts in October/November. Action: SB

4. Web Page. A discussion took place, on the way forward. PG to express the CRA’s grateful  thanks to Mr Norman Taylor for his hard work in producing some work in relation to a new CRA website, and to offer an ex-gratia payment.  PG to pursue enquiries with other webpage designers. He will report back next meeting.                                                                                                                                                                         Action: PG

5. AGM.  It was agreed that it should be held in December. SB to book the Cultural Centre.  Date, time and agenda to be confirmed next month.                                                                                                 Action: SB

6. New Committee members. It was agreed that PG will approach several people who expressed an interest in joining the committee.                                                                                                                        Action: PG

7. New committee members can be opted-in at a Committee meeting, then voted-in at our AGM.

8. AGM date, time, place and agenda to be advertised in the Costa Cálida Chronicle, the Journal etc.

9. Minute deleted. No Action required.

10. Legal Action for Multiple Fraud.  SB updated the Committee. 88 people joined the lawsuit and their files are with the CRA Lawyer. SB is updating claimants of any relevant developments.  One member withdrew and his file is stored in the CRA cabin, waiting for collection.

11. Two members joined the lawsuit but they are not CRA members.  PG to visit with Membership Form and invite them to become members.                                                                                                         Action: PG
12. One member’s documentation, left at the CRA, will be archived for the moment.      Action: PG

13. CRA PL Insurance. SB to obtain another quote, then SB/PG to take out PL insurance with chosen Provider.                                                                                                                                                                    Action: SB/PG

14/a. PG signed request on 001 form, for the TH to provide copy document relating to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Food’s decision regarding the ‘Rambla’.  SB to take it to the TH and ensure receipt of same within the legal time-limit of 15 days.                                                                                                Action: SB

14/b.  Up-to-date information to Cabin Volunteers. It was agreed that a better effort would be made to keep the Cabin Volunteers updated of any new development, by using the Forum more regularly and by providing PG with any useful information for the Newsletter.  Action: All

14/c.  Membership database. Various suggestions were made to improve the existing procedure, but it was decided that PG would continue working on it, without changes, for the time being. Action: PG

14/d.  Newsletter. See 14/b

14/e.  Forum. The Committee was encouraged to use the Forum more actively. Action: All.

14/f.  Regular Committee meetings and Posting of minutes. It was agreed that monthly Committee meeting would be held. The posting of the minutes was not discussed at this stage.

14/g. Strategy.  PD commented on the need to ‘reach the members in a proactive way’. It was agreed that a social calendar should be organised.  SB to enquire about a BBQ at the Clubhouse.  AL suggested 28/10 and give it a ‘Halloween’ theme                                                                                                                                Action: SB

Date of next Committee meeting: 12th September, 3pm, at C/Lecrin 7.

CRA Committee Meeting 03/02/2016

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Camposol Residents Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting 3 February 2016, 15.00 – Clubhouse Camposol