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CRA COMMITTEE MEETING – Saturday 7th January 2017

Monday, January 9th, 2017

CRA COMMITTEE MEETING – Saturday 7th January 2017 – 3pm – C/Lecrin 1589, D13.


  1. Members Present
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of previous meeting
  4. Clarification of Constitution (for benefit of newcomers)
  5. Update of Members’ database
  6. Update of Website progress
  7. Feedback on recent meetings with Officials/Councillors
  8. Next line of action
  9. Handover of Treasurer’s position
  10. Any Other Business

The meeting opened at 3pm

Members present: Phil Gelling (PG), Silvana Buxton (SB), Alison Lister (AL), Allyson Ingamells (AI), Geoffrey Buxton (GB), Maite Gomez (MG)

    Apologies for absence: Bill Pryor (BP)

      Minutes of previous meeting: approved

        1.Clarification of Constitution – This was requested by AI, mostly in relation to the procedure for additions/changes etc. It was confirmed that the current Constitution is the document dated 22/10/2015.  In relation to the aims and objectives of the CRA PG stated that perhaps a MISSION STATEMENT should be written and upon agreement from the Committee, he agreed to produce it and submit it to Committee for approval before publishing.                       PG

          2.Update of Members’ Database – PG and AI reported that they are still only 1/3 of the way through, as they are trying to resolve a ‘software incompatibility’ issue at present.

            3.Update of Website progress – PG stated that he was quoted 500€ by MW IT Services, to revamp the CRA website. At the next meeting PG will discuss with them archiving and bandwidth issues                                                                                                                                   PG PG also agreed to contact the existing advertisers to discuss their continued interest in  advertising on the CRA website (and pay for it), or be deleted.                                                            PG

              4.Feedback on recent meetings with Officials/Councillors – Paul Drury, who attended with PG and SB the two meetings which took place on 3/1/17, and 5/1/17, wrote a very comprehensive report on them, which is enclosed. It was agreed that the report will be publicised on the CRA Forum, on the Newsletter, on the CRA Notice board at Consum, and possibly in the ‘Costa Calida Chronicle’ and ‘The Journal’. PG and AL to liaise as to who’s doing what. Deadline for CCC and TJ is this week.                                                                PG/AL

                5.Next line of action – PG informed the Committee that he intends to contact other Associations such as SOHA, AUAN and FAUN to discuss how they overcome hurdles and how to achieve residents’ interest and participation in the CRA activities. For information:

                  SOHA = Save Our Homes Axarquia (An area on the Costa del Sol)

                  AUAN = Abusos Urbanisticos Almanzora NO (NO to Urban Planning Abuse in Almanzora)

                  FAUN = Federación Española de Asociaciones en defensa de los Derechos Humanos y en             contra de los Atropellos Urbanísticos y Medioambientales (Spanish Federation of       associations in defence of human rights and against urban and environmental abuses)

                  6.Handover of Treasurer’s position -  At the end of the AGM held on 26/11/2016, Maite Gomez expressed an interest in becoming Treasurer for the CRA. Her offer was taken up, and at today’s Committee Meeting she was seconded, by tacit agreement, to take over from SB as CRA Treasurer.  SB passed over her A/C records (9/3/2016-31/12/2016) to MG. The A/C balances being as follows:

                    -          La Caixa, a/c 8829                           127,98€           @ latest bank statement 1/1/2017

                    -          La Caixa, a/c 8942                     15.477,48€           @ latest bank statement 1/1/2017

                    -          Santander, a/c 5801                      185,26€           @ latest bank statement 17/10/2016

                    -          Santander, a/c 6507                         42,25€          @ latest bank statement 7/7/2016

                    -          Petty cash,                                        194,61€           @ 9/1/2017

                    -          Paypal a/c,                                        287,54             @ 9/1/2017

                    SB stated that at present the CRA is paying regular monthly fees to:

                    -          La Caixa                       12,00€ x each a/c = 24,00€ per month

                    -          Asesoría El Pilar         24,20€ (20,00€ + IVA/bank transfer fees)

                    -          Santander                   unable to identify monthly fees from their statement

                    7.It was agreed that the 2 Santander accounts should be closed. SB/PG to process.                       PG/SB It was further agreed that SB arrange a meeting between MG, SB and the Accountant Pedro   Martinez of Asesoría El Pilar to discuss the Auditors’ involvement in the CRA a/c and their           monthly fees in the endeavour to possibly change this to a single payment-for-audit fee.       SB SB to enquire also at La Caixa for inclusion of (Teresa Gomez Rodrigues) MG’s signature on       the CRA accounts                             SB

                    8.           Any Other Business:

                    - Update from SB on the Legal Action – Our Lawyer reported that the case was presented to      the Court of Totana in December. He will keep SB updated on the various     administrative/legal procedures and SB will, in turn, pass the information to the people           involved in the Criminal Action.

                    - CRA contribution to Sandy Allison’s funeral. It was agreed that the CRA would give 50€ to          each of the two Charity Organisations in which Sandy was involved, Noah’s Arc and Kitty               Kitty. The treasurer will process this as soon as she is able to obtain the bank details of the    organisations.                                                                                                                                                    MG

                    The meeting closed at 5:30pm

                    Date of next meeting:   4th February 2017, 11am, Cultural Centre (Apologies received from SB and GB)

                    Notes from meetings as mentioned in above minutes

                    As I will be unable to attend the meeting tomorrow this is my notes/synopsis/remarks following the 2 meetings with Regional Authorities this week.

                    First Meeting on Tuesday 3rd with Pedro Rivera (PP Party), Regional Councillor in charge of Fomento e Infrastructures (Development and Infrastructure) at the departmental office in Murcia.

                    It should be noted that we were only allotted 30 minutes for this meeting, which seems derisory considering the scope of problems involved, it was also evident by the many strategically placed architects models of Corvera airport where the priority is.

                    Before we had hardly even made our acquaintance with Sr Rivera he informed us that his DG (Director General) Nuria Fuentes would be unable to attend through illness and also that his Department only had responsibility for Regional Highways (motorways) and that the urbanisation Camposol was the responsibility of Mazarron Town Hall and the residents.

                    He had some paperwork that he referred to and told us that Camposol was a complex and difficult issue and that the residents should take legal action against the promoter/developer, mentioning that before he was a Councillor he was a lawyer, when we pointed out that Justo y Manoli  were in liquidation and no longer existed he still insisted that legal action was the route to be followed, when we then pointed out that in 2011 Mazarron Junta de Gobierno (Council governing board) in the Council’s reply to the Ombudsman, Mazarron Council stated that they had dismissed Justo y Manoli and as such had assumed the position of promoter/developers of the urbanisation, so we asked should the Council be sued as the promoter/developer, Sr Rivera changed the subject and started talking about the Plan Parcial and his discussions (through his Director General) with Alicia Jimenez (Mazaron Mayoress) and the CHS and his departments involvement in adapting the Plan Parcial (contradicting his initial statement that he had no responsibility for Camposol), he then stressed that Victor Martinez (Regional Assembly and PP Party) and Alicia Jimenez (PP Party) wanted to help Camposol and that he was working with them and his DG to draw up a revised plan for Camposol, he also said that a new plan may not solve the Rambla issue.

                    We asked him what he could do and he replied that he would help out where he could and offer advice on other issues, we asked him if he had been to Camposol he said no, so we asked if we could arrange a visit so we could take him around the urbanisation and he could tell us where he could help and where he could offer advice he agreed saying the Town Hall needed to draw up a new plan and then his department would take it forward, after repeated knocks on the door his PA/Secretary informed him his next appointment was getting impatient so that was the end of the meeting, we asked him when he wanted to come to Camposol and he said he would let us know.

                    Through the whole meeting he was very guarded and negative, his statement that his department is only responsible for regional motorways is just a fob off as virtually every week they announce multi million euro contracts for urban and housing renewal, reconstruction etc, he also pushed the idea that the PP Party was helping Camposol, which is definitely not the case since Alicia Jimenez’s involvement, if we can get Sr Rivera to visit Camposol I would suggest we get as many knowledgeable people as possible to attend, such as Greg Green and Bob Owen to show how long this intolerable situation has been continuing without solution.

                    Second Meeting on Thursday 5th with Luis Fernandez (Regional Assembly Member, Ciudadanos Party) and a collection of Party workers/advisers, at the Clubhouse, Camposol.

                    Luis pointed out that the Regional Working party for Camposol had virtually finished the Paper and would be publishing their findings/recommendations shortly but stressed that these would be recommendations and that the Regional Government would do as it saw fit and as it’s priorities dictated, he urged along with his advisors that the CRA start legal action against Mazarron Town Hall and restart the publicity to force the Region and the TH to act, even though legal action on the face of it would take time it could be that the threat of the case becoming public and previous questionable activities on the part of some individuals being revealed may frighten some into action to stop the legal activities before jail sentences were handed out.

                    He told us he was having a meeting with Alicia Jimenez next week to discuss Camposol and will recommend that all the IBI collected on Camposol for the next 5 years should be invested in Camposol.

                    He asked us how our meeting with Pedro Rivera went, after we told him he said he would contact Alfonso Martinez (Regional Assembly member PSOE Party and co-author of the Camposol Paper) with a view to a joint Ciudadanos/PSOE meeting with Pedro Rivera and his DG.

                    We then went on a tour of the affected areas to see further deterioration and Luis and his team offered advice, but the main theme was that the Working Party was applying as much pressure as possible to aid Camposol’s plight but we the residents and victims need to be strong and fight back using the courts, one of the advisors said that the Region and TH needed to know that there would be consequences if they continue their year after year neglect of Camposol, at the moment the only consequence for inaction after a meeting is another meeting.

                    Paul Drury.

                    News Update – Next Steps 12th December 2016

                    Monday, December 12th, 2016
                    The Camposol Disaster team set up by Murcia Regional Authority comes as a result of the efforts of the CRA team which includes MT and our lawyers and is for the benefit of all Camposol residents.Here’s hoping their report will be presented soon after interviewing all parties involved in the building of Camposol and we hope it will benefit all Camposol residents.

                    The visits from the British Consulate and their attempts at brokering a solution to Camposols ills and to make the Town Hall see sense, which comes as the result of the teams efforts to fix the problems for all Camposols residents. Awaiting a response to information provided and also a response from the Town Hall regarding budgets and plans.

                    The visit of a Technical Architect next week to photograph all the visible problems on Camposol is to highlight the suffering of all Camposol Residents. These photographs will be put in a report and along with a solicitors letter will be presented to the Town Hall to illicit a plan or a response from the Town Hall as to how things will be done with regards to fixing the Infrastructure.

                    We are  also in the process of trying to bring together an elite group of representatives from other organisations to form a pressure group to get some results. One of these groups was instrumental in getting the law on Compensation change.Time and workload has stopped us from doing this any earlier.Wheels now in motion.

                    We will be discussing a closer association with CDip to see if we can find some common ground.This may be a quarterly review, but both parties will maintain their own Independence.Still to be discussed between the committee and CDiP.

                    We are still working with Cuidadanos,MT  and others to get more transparency in what the Town Hall is proposing to do for all the residents of Camposol. A denuncia is in place but there are some difficulties with the Fiscalias interpretation of how to proceed.

                    We have MT and our lawyers monitoring the CHS and Town Hall dispute over the rambla as you will see from the recent Newsletter, this will benefit 550 property owners if we can get a conclusion.

                    We are also keeping in touch with ‘the Upper C Class Action’ as this will have some bearing on how we proceed with the Infrastructure case and issues.

                    The bulk of the work within the CRA has been carried out by a team of 5/6 people and it’s been constant all year. Despite the illnesses and holidays a few have had to take, we have managed to get to a point were the next steps include

                    • Court proceedings for Fraud about to start
                    • Murcia Regional Authority Camposol Disaster Committee due to report
                    • Technical report to be completed to start the Infrastructure process
                    • Feedback awaited from British Consulate in view of recent visit and information supplied.
                    • Getting an up to date membership register
                    • Revamping the website to enable a quicker, better communication vehicle.
                    • Looking at a weekly update for cabin volunteers
                    • Making better use of the local magazines and newspapers.

                    Thanks to all those residents who are supporting our efforts despite the rumours and lies being propagated by those with their own agendas.
                    We wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
                    Best Wishes
                    Phil Gelling

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