Camposol Residents Association, Murcia, Spain
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The Camposol Residents Association
Important Message

Maite, Eloy and myself attended the pleno tonight and I am now sitting at my desk drinking a bottle of Red Wine.
Gines Campino's motion was defeated by all the parties giving a commitment to work together with the owners to solve Camposol's problems. Gines was wanting to de-adopt Camposol until they could find out the costs to repair Camposol, but the other parties agreed to work with us the owners in solving the problems. The trigger for this was that the negative publicity that Camposol was receiving was also having an impact on Mazarron and Murcia. There also was an article published on Camposolers Political Facebook page by Linda Biggs, today showing AJ at a meeting with 9 other towns and the British Consul which was another activity that the Foreign Office had promised and delivered, so our communications with the Foreign Office and the British Consol have also brought pressure to bear.
So thanks to Murcia Transparente's support in engaging the media and other political parties has finally borne fruit. Now to meet up with MT and the TH and to set up the EGM for stage 2..
There was also a move to have an investigation set up by the TH into Camposol but not sure how that has gone because I left the meeting at 10:30 with a numb bum.
Our friends on the council some of whom we met before the meeting Paco Garcia, Juan Miguel, Paco (CDD) and the others Pedro, Patricio and Tina Luiz spoke on our behalf.
We have made a giant step forward tonight, now maybe the knockers will withdraw.
Regards and a good night to one and all.
Onwards and Upwards.
Phil Gelling

Although in being for some years as an ad hoc organisation the Association formally adopted its constitution as a registered voluntary organisation in the summer of 2006. (Reg No 7943/1, CIF No : G73369167) It is dedicated to the development and well being of Camposol in Murcia. This township is now over ten years old and has some 5000 dwellings.

The development has a wide range of nationalities, Dutch, Belgium, Germans, Norwegians, French, and Spanish but is primarily British. Many Brits live here permanently with others owning holiday homes. This site enables everyone and particularly those who live in the UK to keep in touch with events on Camposol and the surrounding area.

Living here is a privilege, a broad arid river valley surrounded by mountains, twenty minutes from the Mediterranean, an hours drive from Murcia Airport, the cities of Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, the resorts of Mazarron and Aguilas. A place which has been settled from before Roman times, with the oldest boat in the world in the harbour of Mazarron.

These residents have settled here forming a very diverse community with many common interest groups and clubs. We have seen bare villas turned into palaces with magical gardens, many British owned businesses formed and developed, and the open spaces planted and tidied by the volunteer gardening groups.

We now have numerous restaurants and bars on two commercial centres. There is a large supermarket (Consum) which stocks many British and international products, builders merchant, swimming pool constructors and maintainers, even central heating installers!
We are proud to live here amongst the Spanish people, taking part in Spanish Cultural and Political life, but able to retain our own identity. Most of us carry Spanish driving licences, have Spanish Residence cards and are learning Spanish. We enjoy our visitors, whether they are family from the UK or holiday makers.

This site contains the minutes of our committee meetings and important announcements and press releases as well as numerous other items of interest to the residents of Camposol. There is also a forum page open for discussions amongst all registered members of the CRA.
The Association is open to all homeowners of Camposol and is controlled by an elected Liaison Committee who are democratically voted in at the AGM.

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